Alumni Update: Elizabeth Winkler

We have received an alumni update from Elizabeth Winkler, who was an intern at The Economist in 2016. She now works for the Wall Street Journal.

The internship was an amazing learning experience for me, a crash course in financial journalism, as I had previously only written on politics, books, and culture. I wrote about 15 articles across the paper during my stint, covering subjects from Breitbart’s business model to China’s changing credit culture to supply-chain finance to gender-budgeting. I also did a few pieces for other sections (United States, Europe and Books). I’ve since joined the Wall Street Journal, where I cover media, telecom, and retail industries for Heard on the Street, as well as sexual harassment for the section more broadly. And I’ve kept up my literary side with occasional books reviews and arts features. Having The Economist on my CV opened lots of doors.

For more information about the internships that the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation supports, please click here.

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