New York University’s Marjorie Deane trip to London

Students on the Masters in Business and Economics Reporting course at New York University learnt about the fascinating issues surrounding Brexit with seven economists during the annual Marjorie Deane trip to London from May 21st to 25th. The economists included George Buckley, chief UK economist for Nomura; Linda Yueh, a fellow in economics at Oxford University; Vicky Pryce, former head of the UK government Economics Service; Oliver Harvey, head of Brexit research at Deutsche Bank; Stephen Booth, director of policy at Open Europe; and Emanuel Adam, executive director of British American Business. Nearly all economists think Brexit will harm the British economy, but Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist for Netwealth Investments, argued that the United Kingdom will reap major benefits from leaving. Students also spoke with editors during visits to The Economist and Financial Times. There was free time as well to tour London, visit museums and other cultural attractions, and enjoy Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”, a play in London’s West End.

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