Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Summer School 2017-18

We have received this report about the 2017-18 Marjorie Deane Summer School supported by the foundation, which students from courses at City, University of London, New York University and Fudan University in Shanghai, China, benefited from this year:

Now in its fourth year, the Marjorie Deane Summer School has had its most successful year so far. Under the able leadership of City University Summer School Director Anne Senior, and NYU’s Constance Ford, the range and quality of speakers and the variety of experiences in our three summer school locations (London, New York and Shanghai) grew significantly.

In addition, the inclusion of the summer school as a formal part of the curriculum in the City, University of London, MA in Financial Journalism, has deepened the student experience and has given them a firmer basis for understanding economic and business issues in China and the USA.

Among the new and outstanding speakers in this year’s programmes were Linda Yueh, the former BBC China correspondent and Oxford academic, and US economist Mark Zandi, and we also expanded the number of academic speakers at NYU and Fudan. The programme maintained and expanded its excellent contacts with financial journalists in the three centres, and a new Sunday evening roundtable with three leading Shanghai journalists, including the Economist’s Simon Rabinowich, was a great success.

In New York we again met with senior editors at the New York Times, the Wall St Journal (including editor-in-chief Gerald Baker) and Bloomberg News. The London programme, which concentrated on the economic consequences of Brexit, also gained insights from meetings with journalists from Reuters, The Economist, and the Financial Times.

The summer school programme is now at a crucial stage of its future development, involving deepening links with its partners. In particular, Fudan University has indicated that they would like to take part in a summer school programme in London that we would organize, and see it as the key to future cooperation.

This would be a great opportunity to reach journalists in China at a formative stage of their careers, but it will take a considerable commitment of time and effort.

We applaud the long-term commitment of the Marjorie Deane Foundation to the summer school programme, which has been the key to its continuing success, and we are sure the project will rise to the new challenges as we look forward.

Professor Steve Schifferes, City, University of London
Professor Steve Solomon, New York University

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