Alumni Update: The Marjorie Deane Summer School

The Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism supports City University of London’s MA in Financial Journalism programme by supporting study visits to London and Shanghai as part of the a module about the global economy. The study visits receive high student-satisfaction scores from the students. Here are some testimonials from some students who have taken the programme in recent years:

“By taking this module, I developed all of the skills I needed for the next steps in my career as a financial journalist. I gained technical knowledge; I learned to write clearly about complex financial topics in formats ranging from snap headlines to long analytical pieces and, perhaps most importantly, I built a set of contacts whose knowledge and expertise I will draw on throughout my career.

The global economy module helped me to develop an in-depth understanding of the macroeconomic context of the stories I write, and this allows me to join the dots between events, drawing out important themes and trends. I have been able to impress contacts and colleagues with insights about China’s economy, from the trip to Shanghai and the lectures beforehand,”
Kaye Wiggins, City MAFJ class of 2016-17

“When I first read about the JOM298 module and attended the first introductory session, my aim was to learn how to cover international economies for local readers and how to write stories about domestic markets for international readers.

The lectures gave me the necessary background and data but even more effective were the coverage exercises we did in every workshop, giving me the chance to test my journalistic skills and apply my knowledge.

This module helped me to look to the wider picture. Now I’m working for the BBC’s Arabic service and I’m applying every point I learned in the module in my work. Whenever I broadcast stories about China or the US I add a local flavour from my school trips. It’s been a life-changing experience that will empower every story I tackle regarding China and the United States. I also gained friends and sources from countries I thought I would never to be able to visit,”
Eman Khattab, City MA in Financial Journalism class of 2016-17

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