Matthieu Favas joins The Economist as a Marjorie Deane intern

Matthieu Favas recently joined The Economist as a Marjorie Deane intern in the London office.

After freelancing for The Economist for a couple of years, I am very grateful to the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation for giving my the chance to write for the paper in-house. My first editorial meetings, days before the American midterm elections, have been truly fascinating; being able to work alongside such a talented team is incredibly rewarding. Prior to this I was the editor of Agri Investor, a publication tracking investment in agriculture and food around the globe. I have also covered infrastructure and private equity. I hold an MSc in Finance and Economics from HEC Paris and an MA in International Relations from King’s College London. In a previous career I was a wine merchant, which saw me uncork bottles in Latin America, Australia and Mongolia. I hope to go back to my roots at The Economist by writing some agribusiness stories.

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