Adam Creighton

  • Internship: The Economist, 2009

Having experimented with a bit of journalism while reading for an MPhil at Oxford, I returned to Australia in late 2008 with an urge to keep writing. Anonymous editorials weren’t enough to whet my appetite; I yearned to try the real thing, full-time. I was grateful to the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation for giving me the opportunity to go to London and write at the world’s most prestigious weekly, The Economist.

Over six months in 2009 I wrote around 20 articles on finance, economics and books. I had a great time, made great friends and sat through the famous weekly editorial meetings. And who can complain about working in St James’s? I even got to interview a Nobel Prize winner.

Now I’m working in Sydney as a Senior Adviser to Australia’s Opposition Leader. The writing skills I picked up at The Economist, and the confidence I gained in pursuing articles, have proved invaluable. Best of all, a successful stint at The Economist leads to a lifelong connection. I still write the occasional book review.

[February 2010]