Andrew Hallett

Undertaking a Marjorie Deane internship at CFO Europe at just 18 was a fantastic opportunity. Until that summer, I had only written for online publications and my student newspaper. Being plunged into real world journalism was something of a baptism of fire, albeit one that I loved.

Thanks to my work at the Economist Group I became a far more confident writer and communicator, something that subsequently helped me in multiple fields. In my current role lobbying on energy policy I am frequently put forward for interviews and it is because of the skills I developed at CFO Europe that I am best able to get my message across. Similarly, I maintain a blog whose lineage can be traced back to Marjorie Deane.

In short, Marjorie Deane gave me an insight into the world of journalism which I suspect will continue to assist me in my endeavours for many years to come. For that I am extremely grateful.

[February 2010]