Avinash Celestine

  • Studentship: London School of Economics, 2006-07
  • Website

I was working in a business weekly in Mumbai in 2006 when I decided to take a year off to study economic history at the London School of Economics. Without the studentship from the foundation, I could not have gone.

After my degree, I applied to the foundation for an internship at The Economist. I didn’t get it, but The Economist asked me to do an internship with them anyway, the only difference being that I couldn’t call myself a Deane intern. It was October 2007, and the world financial crisis was all set to burst forth in all its messy glory.

I later returned to India and ended up, not back in financial journalism, but at a non-profit that supports members of parliament, irrespective of political affiliation, to with research and analysis on legislation. My job was to translate a law, and the implications of that law, into plain English so that MPs could understand what they were voting on.

In 2010, I returned to journalism and joined the Economic Times, India’s largest selling business daily. I write business and economics features for the weekend magazine section of the paper. I also recently started blogging at datastories.in in a personal capacity, unrelated to my day job.

[March 2013]