Benjamin Lewy

  • Studentship: Oxford University, 2013-14

When I was 13 my father bought me a subscription to The Economist and told me that he had learned more from reading it over the years than he had from the schooling he endured over the years. Nine years later, I can say that I owe my education to The Economist too.

Thanks to the generosity of the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation’s studentship, the advert for which I saw in the back pages of The Economist, I was able to take up a place to study for a Master’s degree in economics at Oxford University. I have now started my course and am greatly enjoying having the opportunity to learn more about how economists try to model our financial and monetary systems. I hope to one day play a role in communicating these ideas, and am incredibly grateful to the foundation for having allowed me to continue my education.

[January 2014]