Dana Andreicut

My passion for journalism goes back to secondary school. Ever since, I have been involved with a variety of publications, such as my school and university newspaper and my local radio station. I also write fiction and have completed a novel and several short stories. I studied for a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick, which gave me a glimpse of a potential career in economic journalism. This is appealing because it offers the chance to combine my passion for writing with my interest in economics.

The Marjorie Deane foundation is now helping me continue my education at the LSE where I’m studying for an MSc in Economics and Philosophy. This will help improve my theoretical knowledge of economics, while also allowing me to engage in several fascinating topics in the field of philosophy. I think this year will be an important step in the direction of a career as an economic journalist and I appreciate the chance that Marjorie Deane has given me.

[March 2010]