Emma Godfrey

  • Studentship: City University London, 2009-10

To say that that I am thankful to Marjorie Deane is an understatement. The studentship has been an immense support.

The first year of my masters was drawing to a close when I applied for the foundation’s studentship award. I was bracing myself for the last leg, a year at City University London studying business and finance journalism.

Now I’m here in London, a successful application behind me, preparing to embark on my thesis, a study of how the 2008-09 recession affected the labour market, its internal dynamic and especially its impact on the younger generation. When I finish it will be time to look for a job, a daunting prospect at the best of times. But thanks to Marjorie Deane, I will be entering the working world far better prepared to produce quality journalism and make a positive contribution to the profession.

[February 2010]