Hannah Murphy

  • Studentship: City University, London

When I decided that I wanted to seriously pursue a career as a financial reporter, a mentor of mine stressed the importance of getting sound training and recommended the Masters course in Financial Journalism at City University. Being a Marjorie Deane sponsor allowed me to take up this advice and I haven’t looked back.

The MA course has helped me develop my knowledge of finance, business and economics, so that I can now understand what makes markets move and so that my journalistic work displays rigour and insight. The course taught plenty of theory, but also provided hands-on journalism experience across different media platforms: newspaper, television, radio and data/digital journalism. Through a number of demanding assignments over the year, I learnt to gauge appetite for news, utilise my interviewing skills, and appreciate deadlines under pressure.

Thanks to the Marjorie Deane Foundation and the course, I was also able to get challenging and exciting work experience with the Independent, the Financial Times and Reuters in their Paris bureau. I reported on topics ranging from reverse mortgages and the productivity puzzle, to Charlie Hebdo and OECD meetings.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the Marjorie Deane Foundation, and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that being a sponsor has given me.

[April 2015]