LaToya Harding

  • Studentship: City University of London, 2017-18

I have always had an interest in journalism and being at the forefront of reporting news. After the EU Referendum vote and the outcome of the US Presidential election I knew there was no better time to be a journalist in London, right in the eye of the storm. Before starting my Financial Journalism MA at City, University of London I had a strong business background – after majoring in accounts and finance in my undergraduate business degree and going on to running my own company. However, I had no specific journalism experience prior to starting. The course has helped me to deepen my knowledge of finance, business and economics and I am now able to put this into rigorous reporting. I am extremely thankful to the Marjorie Deane Foundation for providing financial support, which has in turn enabled me to fully focus on getting the most out of the course and developing my skills across various media platforms.

[March 2018]