Martin Adams

  • Internship: The Economist, 2009

When my application for the chance to spend three months writing for The Economist was accepted, I was living in Beijing writing about business and economics for the Economist Intelligence Unit and other outlets. After more than a decade working and studying in China and Japan, I was probably a little older (and more married) than the average Deane intern. With my wife’s blessing and scarcely a second thought, however, I left her and our two-year-old son behind for a summer in London.

The internship gave me the chance to work with a uniquely erudite and eclectic group of journalists, and for its duration I was instructed to treat myself as one of them. Marjorie’s munificence opened up exciting opportunities to write for print and the web, and I was fortunate to cover subjects as diverse as carbon trading, China’s regional economies, wealth management and the joys of train travel with Chinese characteristics.

By a further stroke of good luck my stint in London helped me to land a beat covering “clean technology” for China Confidential, a newish Financial Times publication. So it is that I find myself back in my old haunt, Beijing, with an exciting new beginning. That, in no small part, is due to Marjorie Deane’s foundation, to which I will be forever grateful.

[March 2010]