Matina Stevis

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where I returned to work after completing a BA in Modern History and Politics at Oxford. In 2009 I decided that I’d spent too much time outside Britain and returned to do a two-year MPA in Public Policy at the London School of Economics.

The first of the two years presented me with excellent professional opportunities in London: as my native country was teetering on the edge of fiscal abyss, I was doing interviews for British and international television networks as a Greece expert. Most importantly, though, I got the chance to work at The Economist as a Marjorie Deane intern.

The experience was excellent: I spent three months among some of the brightest people I have met, learned a lot about a lot, published articles in the paper and online, researched topics I never thought I’d be interested in and saw from the inside how one of the most important publications in the world is produced. The internship has left me not only better-educated and more professional but also more inspired and dedicated to this line of business.

I have been covering the euro-zone crisis for the Wall Street Journal from Brussels since 2011. I also write about EU immigration issues. I am a frequent speaker at economics events and often appear on CNN International, BBC World and Al Jazeera English to talk about economics in Europe.

[February 2013]