Sahil Mahtani

  • Internship: The Economist, 2010

I was looking through my application for the Marjorie Deane internship, and apparently I described The Economist as Guy de Rothschild described his bank—as “gently prolonging the nineteenth century”. It is the paper’s great virtue, even if the baron intended more to jab than to flatter. Writing for it has been the peak of my (admittedly short) journalistic career.

I had a few earlier stints in the profession, but nothing approached the intellectual breadth and curiosity of this one. I am grateful to the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation for giving me a chance to write for The Economist. Plenty of interesting people came my way, including a Nobel laureate and a few scruffy billionaires. A glorious London summer did not hurt.

As I write, it is still financial journalism’s day. Public appetite is high for clearly-reasoned pieces with ethical sensitivity, and is unlikely to abate. Writing from this perch has been fantastic and I am sure it will only get more interesting in the coming years.

[November 2010]