The foundation has provided gifts to create professorships at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and City, University of London’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Announcement of appointments:

October 16th 2013: New York University appoints first Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism

September 15th 2009: City University London appoints first Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism


Stephen D. Solomon

Associate Director of Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, Director of Business and Economic Reporting and Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism

New York University

Before joining New York University, Professor Solomon was a writer at Fortune magazine, with his work also appearing in many national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, and The Nation. His articles have won the two most prestigious awards for business writing, the Gerald Loeb Award and the John Hancock Award for Excellence, as well as the Sidney Hillman Prize. Professor Solomon is also co-author of Building 6: The Tragedy at Bridesburg, a book-length investigation of the working conditions that caused the deaths of 54 men from lung cancer at Rohm and Haas, a Fortune 500 chemical company in Philadelphia.

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Steve Schifferes

Director of Financial Journalism MA and Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism

City, University of London

Before joining City University, Professor Schifferes was economics correspondent for BBC News Online, co-ordinating coverage of the credit crunch, the Asian financial crisis, the Enron scandal, and the launch of the euro. He reported from the USA during the sub-prime crisis, the Iraq war and the Obama election and from Bangalore, Shanghai and Detroit on globalisation and its discontents. Previously he was a television producer for programmes including On the Record and the Money Programme (BBC) and Weekend World (LWT) as well as a documentary film maker (Breadline Britain, Fortune, and The Making of Modern London for LWT).

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