In past years the foundation has offered studentships at a prominent British university or business school leading to a master’s degree in some aspect of finance or economics. At present the foundation supports two MA courses in financial journalism at City University of London and New York University.

City University of London

The Marjorie Deane foundation funds studentships for City University of London’s MA course in financial journalism. From September 2017, up to four students will be backed each year by the new Marjorie Deane Intellectual Excellence Scholarships, which will cover course fees in full. The funding will also contribute to living expenses for scholarship students in financial need. For more information about these awards, including details of how to apply for them, please contact City University of London’s Department of Journalism.

The foundation also funds the Marjorie Deane Professorship in Financial Journalism at City, the first holder of which was Steve Schifferes.

New York University

The foundation provides funding for scholarships on NYU’s MA programme in business and economic reporting, an annual Marjorie Deane Lecture and Dinner held in New York and for a summer school visit to London for the students on the course. Prospective students should contact NYU for more information about scholarship awards funded by the foundation.

The foundation also funds the Marjorie Deane Professorship in Financial Journalism at NYU, the current holder of which is Stephen Solomon.

The Marjorie Deane Summer School

In addition, the foundation also provides funding for the Marjorie Deane Summer School. This involves residential trips to study journalism in other parts of the world. On the summer school programme students from City University of London currently visit New York and Shanghai and students from New York University visit London and Shanghai. In the future, the trustees hope that the summer school will be extended to include students at Fudan University in Shanghai, to enable them to make a study visit to London.

More information about the Marjorie Deane Summer School can be found on its website.



Emily Blewett (Studentship, City University of London, 2010-11)

As a student of history and politics, I parted from numbers and graphs at an early stage in my academic life. By the time I was an undergraduate at the University of Exeter, they caught up with me as they did with the rest of the world—in the form of a global financial crisis. After graduation I decided that I not only wanted to understand the messy world of finance and economics around me, but be at the forefront reporting it. As I study for a Financial Journalism MA at City University London, I am immensely grateful to the foundation for granting me the financial support to help realise my ambition.

Deciding I wanted to be a journalist was less of a revelation than luck. At university, I was surrounded by an award-winning student newspaper editorial team and an encouraging local newspaper. Since then, I have had the opportunity to write for the Guardian on the prevention of HIV in Lesotho. I have also worked for a Brussels-based financial news service and Deutsche Welle-TV in Berlin.

Shortly after the term began, my calculator was put to use for the first time since my GCSEs. I will not make the same mistake again. Numbers should not remain in calculators but are critical to understanding both our past and future. As a financial journalist, I look forward to being the one doing the explaining.

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