Alumni update: Elena Egawhary

Following a foundation-sponsored studentship at the London School of Economics, Elena Egawhary joined BBC News, where she uses her knowledge of data-driven journalism to work on investigations for the Newsnight and Panorama programmes. Of her time as a student at the LSE, she says:

“Quite simply without the support from Marjorie´s foundation I could not do the course at the London School of Economics. To be learning about the regulation of financial markets and corporate and financial crime is fascinating and an absolute gift.

Marjorie´s grant will no doubt make me a better informed journalist and for that I will always be grateful. In return I hope that I will one day be able to go some way to repaying this kindness and belief in my abilities by producing stories which are informative, accurate and in the public interest. It really is difficult to put into words what this scholarship means to me — they simply do not do it justice.”