Alumni update: Dana Andreicut

On a foundation-sponsored internship at the London School of Economics, Dana Andreicut studied for an MSc in economics and philosophy. Her dissertation is titled, “Is the Perfectly Competitive Market a Morally Free Zone?” Now, she is a Brussels-based research assistant at economics think tank Bruegel. Of her time as a student at the LSE, she says:

“My experience at the LSE was exciting and challenging. It enabled me to explore a variety of academic topics, from microeconomics and econometrics to moral philosophy and rational choice theory. Most of all, it offered me the opportunity to meet intelligent people from all over the world, with whom I could engage in fascinating debates from topics as diverse as philosophy to current affairs. My peer group, together with a highly stimulating academic environment and the fast-paced London atmosphere made my stay at the LSE unforgettable. I am very grateful to the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation for giving me this opportunity.”