Alumni update: Dan Brown

With the support of the foundation, Dan Brown completed a Master’s degree in development economics at Oxford University in 2012. He is now at Harvard.

I applied for the foundation studentship frantically in the summer of 2011. I held a place on the MSc Economics for Development at Oxford starting just a few months ahead but had very little funding and had no real idea where I was going to find the rest of the money I needed. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this studentship, and with the incredible generosity of the foundation was able to continue my studies. Those studies have in turn led to my current year as a Special Student at Harvard, and will hopefully lead to the DPhil in Economics back at Oxford next year.

My interest is in development economics. Although I could be studying for a while longer yet, my desire is to report on economic and financial policies in developing countries one day. To this end, I am currently enrolled in writing courses at the Kennedy School of Government. Without the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation, the path of postgraduate study would have been closed for me, and I would have been rushed into the real world without the skills I am now learning, ill-equipped to succeed in economic and financial journalism. I cannot express enough my thanks to the foundation.

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