Roland Lindenblatt joins The Economist in New York as a Marjorie Deane intern

Roland Lindenblatt recently joined The Economist as a Marjorie Deane intern in the New York office.

As a long-time reader, I have long been fascinated by The Economist’s writing for its unique combination of style, integrity and poignancy. As a journalist, I have always wanted to learn from its writers, only dreaming of writing for The Economist myself.
Not even expecting an answer, I applied for the Marjorie Deane internship last December. About a month later, and to my surprise, I found an email in my inbox informing me I had been shortlisted for an interview. I let out a shriek of delight, likely waking the entire neighbourhood.
Only a few days into my internship in the New York office, I was given the opportunity to write my first article for the business section. Ever since I have had the tremendous fortune of learning from The Economist’s amazing writers and editors and continuing to build my skills as a journalist. I will forever be grateful to the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation for making this dream a reality.

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