Alumni Update: Martin Adams

We have received this alumni update from Martin Adams, who was a Marjorie Deane intern at The Economist in 2009:

“It is clichéd but true to say that being a Marjorie Deane intern changed my life. That three-month stint in 2009 opened the way to a decade and counting of rewarding work with The Economist Group.

After my internship I went on to freelance for The Economist and the Economist Intelligence Unit. In 2011 I landed a job in Hong Kong as the EIU’s energy editor. I went on to become deputy managing editor of its industry-analysis service and have overseen Viewswire, which covers economics and politics worldwide. The Economist prizes few things above intellectual dexterity, after all. With superb colleagues I built and ran a team covering companies news in over 60 countries—giving me a chance to pass on some of what I had learned as an intern and beyond.

Such are the diverse opportunities a career with The Economist can bring. Postings can be geographically varied, too. I am now based in London, as editor for The Economist’s new Executive Education initiative and a writer for The Economist. Whatever next?”

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