Former Marjorie Deane Foundation scholars honoured at Wincott Foundation awards

Today’s Wincott Foundation awards ceremony in London saw several former scholars and interns supported by the Marjorie Deane Foundation at the start of their careers shortlisted for prizes. The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. Its prizes for high-quality economics and finance journalism are much sought after.

Amy Borrett and Archie Mitchell, former Marjorie Deane scholars from the MA financial journalism course class of 2019-20 at City University of London, were shortlisted for young journalist of the year and journalism team of the year for their work at Sky News and the Daily Mail respectively.

Michael O’Dwyer, also a City University of London alumnus, won Young Journalist of the year last year and attended the awards lunch which was finally held in person at Mansion House today.

Callum Williams and Alice Fulwood, former Marjorie Deane interns at The Economist who now work full-time for the paper, were also shortlisted under the data journalism team of the year and journalism team of the year categories.

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