City University of London students take deep dive into China’s economy

Students on this year’s MA Financial Journalism at City, University of London will take part in a four-day exploration of China’s economy.

The online symposium in April will include visits from journalists and financial experts as well as activities designed to take an in-depth look at Chinese business and finance.

The symposium replaces the MA programme’s annual field trip to Shanghai funded by the Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation, which has been cancelled once again owing to the covid-19 pandemic.

China’s economy and its relationship with the US and the rest of the world is one of the key study areas on the MA Financial Journalism course, and this year has also seen two new visiting lecturers join City’s teaching team.

Mike Dolan is editor-at-large for finance and markets at Reuters and specialises in global economics, policymaking and financial markets across the G7 and emerging economies.

Nerys Avery has many years’ experience covering China for both Bloomberg and AFX, and is providing students with insights into economics and politics as well as the practical challenges of working as a journalist in China.

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